Teaching Piano: Making Up Missed Lessons

Teaching Piano: Making Up Missed Lessons



In my teaching practice, I am very flexible with scheduling being self-employed and a writer as well. My students pay by the month in advance with the “technical” agreement that if they miss their lesson they “eat” it and if I have to cancel, I “eat” it.

That hardy ever happens in actuality however except if they miss because of the luxury of going away unexpectedly on vacation or a pleasure trip. For the most part…we do make-up lessons, as long as they schedule it before the end of the month. (No “credit” toward a future lesson..as a small independent business, I don’t give money back. Just time).

What happens when a makeup lesson for kids is too close and within the same week as their regular lesson, especially when they have not had much time to practice?

What I do for the makeup lesson usually is not at the piano but watching a special musical video, or better yet, doing a creative listening and art or writing project which involves listening to a selected piece of music while drawing or writing as they listen, hopefully inspired by their imagination to express something creatively.

In the above video and picture, Isabel and Katy are listening to new age music by Michael Genest and writing a story as they listen. They read their stories out loud at the end of the lesson time and it is always interesting to hear what the music triggered for them.

When it is possible, I try to find the music also on youtube, giving them the link so that they might listen to it again at home to expand their music-listening library/repertoire.

This is a very fun way to do a makeup lesson for both the student and myself..and parents are happy as well…and often, new music is brought into their home as a result.

Good job, Isabel and Katy!

From Christine, The Piano Mistress

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