In Celebration of Music: Sunday Afternoon Bell Choir!

In Celebration of Music: Sunday Afternoon Bell Choir!

Bell choir

The Piano Mistress loves the piano of course. Playing it, teaching it, listening to it. But I do believe that to be a good musician one should listen to music beyond your chosen instrument, because the realm of music is the realm of Soul…and Soul-Space is vast indeed. One of the most wondrous ways to do this is to give yourself the pleasure of an afternoon or evening concert where you live. There is nothing like being in the middle of community music and performance whether you are a player or an audience. Stepping out of the fast-paced world of demands and busyness, into the world of music and the arts is a special time, a magical time, a healing time for spirit, emotion, body and the mind.



This past Sunday, I was in attendance at a lovely Bell Choir Concert at St. Luke’s, a fine old church in a nearby town. It was this season’s offering by the St. Luke’s Bell Choir, and the St. Cecilia’s Childrens Choir, both under the expert direction of legendary music teacher/educator Priscilla A. BellsRigg who at 85 years of age is still at the podium guiding, directing and inspiring many generations of people to participate in the making of music.

The story of Priscilla whose life has been dedicated to the love and teaching of music will be saved for a later time, but it was inspiring to learn yesterday that earlier in her life, she opened many of the rooms of her home to teachers teaching music to a number of students.. actuality making her home a music school itself.

I am sure she will eventually be retiring from this active life in the arts and so I was happy to catch this little private moment of her coming up the hallway into the hall as she has done countless times to meet her choirs before a performance.         bell choir 4


The whole concert was engaging, enchanting and delightful, but the most magical moments were when the bell choir entered from that same hallway from behind the audience, seemingly coming from nowhere, with the very faintest sound of soft bell ringing in the ethers, and then moving and through the center aisle to their places…all, except Priscilla in Halloween costumes in honor of this season of playful mischief and mysteries.

Bells, Priscilla’s softy humorous explanations of each piece and the charming St. Cecelia’s Children’s Choir singing a medley from the Sound of Music filled the gymnasium/theater with the sweetness of Soul, Community and the uplifting vibrations and energy of Beauty. A wonderful way to spend several hours on a Sunday afternoon!

Bells 2

From Christine, The Piano Mistress

Happy Pre-Halloween!


*****Other ways to spend a Sunday afternoon:

Cooking and eating!

Being in nature and inspired:

Learning to manifest a positive life experience:











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