Music from the Soul



Music can be a conduit bringing the radiance of the human spirit into the world. Even without words that are understood, when we receive a message from the Soul, those who recognize it are transformed. The defenses of the false ego go down, the heart opens and we are connected as one in our humanity.

I do not understand the spoken language here, but I didn’t need to. The beautiful chant-like  music and the Voice of a tenderhearted young man, told me everything I needed to remember about Love, today.

Jon Henrik has an unusual lineage and life.  Adopted from South America and raised in Sweden, he works as a traditional reindeer herder. After his best friend died, he wrote this song in remembrance of love, kinship and relationship of the heart that sustains us through the varied weather of life’s experiences.

What a tribute to a beloved friend. And what a pure example of how music emerging from the depths of Soul, can move us to see what Beauty the human spirit can bring into an often cold, materialistic, and mechanistic world.

Sweden’s Got Talent wrote this  for his performance:

Jon Henrik Fjallgren is a reindeer herder from Sweden, and this is his audition for ‘Talang Sverige’ (Sweden’s Got Talent). His best friend passed away a few years prior to his audition, and he says that the song he chose to sing came to him while he was praying for this friend. As the judge says, it’s wonderful that although this song does not have lyrics, we can still be moved by it. At SF Globe, we love unique talents, and Jon’s song is so beautifully unlike what we’re used to hearing that we had to showcase this amazing piece of music”

Thank you, Jon Henrik for sharing your story and Soul with us.

From Christine, The Piano Mistress

Me Turqoise


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