Piano Teaching Elders: Heads, Hands and Hearts! (Part 6 Friendship and Community)



Ours is such a commercially youth-centered culture and unfortunately so.  There is a wealth of experience that comes with years of life lived with courage, integrity, meeting and working through challenges of relationships, partnering, parenting, economics, professionalism, health and spiritual growth. Often in times of cultural speed and change, there isn’t opportunity to sit still long enough to be the beneficiaries of that wisdom. My time spent at the piano with students between the ages of 58 to almost 90 is and has been so rewarding and opportunity for all of us together!

There are stories to be told, kvetches to be aired, laughter to be shared, mutual support and encouragement older-to-younger and younger -to-older going back and forth constantly at the keyboard. It has just happened in my professional life though some admonish against it, that my professional and personal life mix all together with ease..teacher/student at the keyboard, focus on the task of learning and playing music….and IMG_8451friends away from the keyboard, sharing garden vegetables, being gifted fresh eggs, being available to give a ride into town when needed, receiving or giving invitations for an afternoon field trip or holiday celebration.

It’s about making Music, but it’s also about Community, Friendships Helping hands, and Connecting. It hardly seems like “work” at all.

From Christine, The Piano Mistress










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