Piano Teaching: Elders and Adaptations (Part 4 Accepting the Challenge!)

Piano Teaching: Elders and Adaptations (Part 4 Accepting the Challenge!)

Leyla and Pirates

 At last week’s lesson, Leyla and I were laughing more than usual with delight as we worked on her new eagerly chosen piece of music, “Pirates of the Carribean” arranged by the awesome virtuoso pianist, composer and music educator, Jarrod Radnich. This piece of music, performed by Jarrod was introduced on youtube several years ago, receiving well over a million hits as well as now being studied and performed by students of all ages around the world!

Many of those students appear to be enthusiastic young musicians who are working hard to master this challenging piece and accomplishing it.

Elaine and "The Pirates of the Carribean" (Radnich)

Elaine and “The Pirates of the Carribean” (Radnich)


In my studio however, tw0 of my mature students, ages 71 and 75, have enthusiastically chosen to do this piece of music after watching the video, fearlessly undaunted by the stunning speed of performance by Maestro Radnich. Eagerly they have entered this arrangement with a delightful decision to give a hearty GO!


Perhaps they will not match his speed (actually nor will I), but the challenge of deciphering the puzzle of counting and phrasing is very exciting for them and for me as well as a teacher…and especially with older hands and sometimes stiff fingers, the large three or four-note open octave chords, though taking a bit of time to lay down, are WONDRERFUL for increasing blood flow and flexibility to the digits on each hand..exercising mind and body!









I will add that one of my younger dedicated and hardworking students, Addie, age 13, has also chosen this piece with excitement after watching the video and my playing page 1 for her quite a bit slower. “I LOVE this!” she said, eager to go home and practice it, even though with this year’s heavy homework assignments, she has been having trouble fitting in her usual daily piano practice.

I hope Jarrod Radnich knows how far and wide his music is circulating and inspiring musicians of ALL ages! Many thanks for the beautiful gift of his creativity!

Jarrod Radnich’s performance on youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4JD-3-UAzM

Music for this can be ordered and downloaded from: http://sheetmusic.musicnotes.com/?featuretype=artist&featurename=Jarrod+Radnich

From Christine, The Piano Mistress

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