RI Piano Lessons for Music Lovers with Christine Phoenix Green


The Piano Mistress loves her Music!



            with Christine Phoenix-Green


                   Southern Rhode Island

      (Charlestown, Westerly, Wakefield

         Richmond, Hope Valley, Kingston)

   All ages of beginning or returning students but  ESPECIALLY adults :

    “Music for the Mostly-Mature- (or just under!)

 The Music Mistress (Christine Phoenix-Green) has been  joyously teaching piano for over 30 years to students ranging in age from 7-82! For the past 10 years, she has been especially focusing on teaching and coaching the mature student (age 50 and up) to fulfill their dreams of playing an instrument for pleasure and for sharpening the mind as we get oler, using creative techniques especially suited for the needs and processing changes of the elder years.

Lessons are scheduled during the days for adults…some scheduling for children after school is available, but limited at this time. No evenings or weekends.

 Payment for the month-in-advance is paid at the first lesson of the month. Necessary changes in the weekly scheduling to accomodate the complexities of life, are available. No refunds for missed lessons …makeups when mutually possible at the convenience of both of us.

To inquire further about lessons and scheduling, please contact me, The Music Mistress (Christine Phoenix-Green) thru e-mail, leaving your phone number and I will get back to you promptly. Please head your e-mail with the words : PIANO LESSONS!


please click on the post title for information about Christine, The Music Mistress or to leave a comment. Thank you!


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